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Challenging verticality as an icon of stability and a common figure approach in office buildings to transfer gravity forces, I united two inverted triangles into a five sided pyramidal concrete frame. The non-vertical form responded more ecologically to both gravitational forces, lateral forces as well as uplifting. Verticality is further challenged in stair cores and curtainwall. The concrete frame- well pronounced exteriorly- is the main skeleton of the building suspending floor slabs thus creating column free interiors.  In addition to the structural context, my design responded to the program requirements of providing variation in lease office space and maximum area for ground and second floors occupied by the bank. Slopes provide maximum depth of natural lighting. 
The concrete frame embrace the floating slabs, although a means of restraint, it is sufficiently open to allow the interior body of the building to expose, breath, float and fly.
The frame orbits around the heart of the building balancing it without pinning it down to the ground. 




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