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An attempt to express the user's experience as the main architectural element rather than the traditional architectural expression of geometric masses containing function. 

The user experience is a non linear and dynamic path, semi open to the oustide. 

This expression of experience acts as a transitional boundary between the building exterior and the functional interior.

Winery consists of a double story winemaking cellar, reception, wine tasting bar/ terrace, administration and VIP lounges. 

Visitors experience the view of the vineyards and the wine manufacturing simultiuously through the semi enclosed dynamic path, which is the main expression of the building.

This path blurs the exterior/ interior boundary linking the vinyards outside to the wine manufacturing inside. Visitors winery tour goes with the organization of the winemaking, where they experience the whole process, starting from the vinyards till final wine tasting at the end of the loop.




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